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Whole Body Vibration Therapy!
Our Kwikfit4u vibration machine provides maximum health and fitness benefits comparable to strenous resistance exercises such as weightlifiting.  Improved bone health, increased strength and coordination, greater mobility, less body fat and more lean muscle mass all are reasons you need to use whole body vibration machines and make a positive change in your fitness regime! 
3 Month Unlimited Membership $119
Regular Price 3 Month Unlimited $180
There are numerous benefits to Whole Body Vibration:

Burn Calories
Lose inches
Strengthen core muscles
Improve circulation
Reduce the appearance of cellulite
Reduce pain of by reducing inflammation of joints
Reduce back pain and increase flexibility in all your muscles
Increase your range of motion
Tone and tighten skin
Build bone density and fight osteoporosis
Build lean muscle mass
Increase lymphatic drainage
2012 New Year, New You only Better!